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Configuring Application or Process Scheduler Servers for Remote Data Access with Sybase

Before you can use remote data access with Sybase on UNIX or Windows, the supported version of Sybase's database connectivity software, Sybase Client, must be installed on the system where the application server or Process Scheduler server is running.

See PeopleSoft Supported Platforms, PeopleSoft Hardware and Software Requirements, and your PeopleTools installation documentation for version and installation information.

In addition, if the application server is being used, the application server configuration file, PSAPPSRV.CFG, must be edited. If the batch server is being used, the batch server configuration file, PSPRCS.CFG, must be edited as well. These configuration files are located in the PS_CFG_HOME directory within the appropriate domain or database name directory.

Under the ";JavaVM Shared Library=" section add the following lines:

; RDBA Sybase 
Add to CLASSPATH=%SYBASE%/jConnect-5_5/classes/jconn2.jar