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Executing Mass Change Definitions

You can execute Mass Change definitions either online or in the background.

Executing Online

To execute a Mass Change online, you must have permission granted in PeopleTools security (OK To Execute MC Online? selected).

To execute a Mass Change online:

  1. In the Mass Change Definition, Generate SQL page, select the Execute SQL Upon Saving checkbox.

  2. Click the Save button to save the page.

Executing in the Background

To execute one or more Mass Change definition(s) in the background, you’ll first need to specify the definition or group you’d like to execute. You do this using the Run Mass Change page. When you run the definition or group, you’ll see the Process Scheduler Request dialog.

To execute a definition or group in the background:

  1. Select Process, Mass Change, Add.

    The Add -- Mass Change dialog appears.

  2. Enter a Run Control ID and click OK.

    The Process -- Mass Change page opens.

    The Mass Change Run Type options specify the kind of execution that will occur. In this section we discuss only Execute Single Mass Change and Execute Mass Change Group.

  3. Select either Execute Single Mass Change or Execute Mass Change Group.

  4. Select the desired definition or group from the Execution Parameters boxes.

  5. Click Run.

    The Process Scheduler Request dialog appears.

    In this dialog, you specify how, when, and where to execute the mass change.

  6. Enter the desired settings and click OK.