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PTDiagnostics Application Class

The PTDiagnostics application class is part of the PT_DIAGNOSTICS application package. It establishes the basic framework for developing the diagnostic plug-ins. The PTDiagnostics application class contains methods and properties that you can extend to develop your diagnostic plug-ins. The PTDiagnostics Class is not a built-in class, like Rowset, Field, Record, and so on. It's an application class.

Before you can use this class in your PeopleCode program, you must import it into your program, using an import statement. The application package PT_DIAGNOSTICS contains the PTDiagnostics class. The import statement should be as follows:


Using the asterisk (*) after the package name makes all the application classes directly contained in the named package available. Application classes contained in subpackages of the named package are not made available.

In the constructor of the application class which extends the PTDiagnostics class you need to instantiate the PTDiagnostics class. The extended application classes collect the information whenever required and pass it to the super class, which is the PTDiagnostics class. You instantiate this class as:

%Super = create PT_DIAGNOSTICS:PTDiagnostics()