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Setting the Number of Temporary Tables

Normally you will leave the number of temporary tables set to the default of three. You may need to change this setting for optimal performance, depending on various aspects of your implementation, including account transaction volumes, benchmark numbers for the current hardware and database platform, as well as your service-level requirements. Use the following procedure if you need to adjust the number of temporary tables to improve performance in your implementation.

To set the number of temporary tables:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Utilities, Administration, PeopleTools Options.

  2. Set the Temp Table Instances (Total) and Temp Table Instances (Online) fields to the desired settings.

    Note: Temp Table Instances (Total) should always be set to the same values as Temp Table Instances (Online), unless you have been instructed otherwise in the application documentation.

  3. Save your changes.

    Note: The total number of instances generated consists of the allocations specified on the PeopleTools Options page plus the allocations specified for each individual Application Engine program.

See the PeopleSoft Red Paper: “PeopleSoft Batch Performance Tuning on Oracle” on My Oracle Support.