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Data Migration Workbench Limitations and Recommendations

This section lists some limitations and recommendations for Data Migration Workbench.


Keep in mind the following limitations for Data Migration Workbench:

  • The Application Server and Process Scheduler used must both be able to access the project files using the same path. This will require that both are running on Operating Systems that use compatible file access conventions. For example, Microsoft Windows and UNIX-derived operating systems do not have compatible native file access conventions.

  • The Application Data Set framework is not sufficiently secure in 8.53 to use for sensitive data.

  • The data set definition must exist on the target database before you load a data set project to the target database.

  • The data set definition must have the same shape on both the source and target database. Shape is defined by the records and fields included in the data set. Shape equality can usually be achieved most easily by coping a managed object project containing the data set definitions from source to target prior to copying the Data Migration Project. But if the constituent records and fields are different between source and target matching shape may involve executing database CREATE or ALTER steps to attain equivalence.

  • Application Data Set definitions containing views or derived records are not copyable or comparable.

  • In 8.53, the language selections available in Copy from File do not include COMMON, thus COMMON cannot be excluded during copy. For traditional managed objects COMMON can be excluded, making it possible to copy only the language specific data, leaving the language-independent data (COMMON) unchanged if the object exists on the target.


The following practices are strongly recommended:

  • Data set projects are meant for relatively small data sets of static data.

    Note: Data Set projects are not recommended for large data sets.

  • Do not change the source Data Migration Project file after the compare been performed.

    Note: The decision of which objects to copy is based on the compare report. If the data set project is changed after the compare, you may not get the desired results. Changing the target database may be necessary to fix validation errors, but caution is required to avoid changes to the target database that might create validation errors during copy that were not seen in compare.

  • Setting up the Project Repositories and areas is a one time activity. The directories should first be created by a system administrator with read/write access permissions for the users who will start the application and process schedule servers.