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Data Migration Workbench Overview

Data Migration Workbench facilitates the Configuration Management process using Application Data Sets as its underlying transport technology . The Data Migration Workbench is designed to manage the complexity of migrating configuration data across multiple PeopleSoft systems. It is very common to have four or more databases in a PeopleSoft environment, including one or more for development, another for quality assurance, as well as the primary production system. PeopleTools migrates managed objects between environments in PeopleSoft projects that are extracted from one database and imported into another, which works well for PeopleTools metadata however it does not handle application configuration data.

The Data Migration Workbench provides the ability for any authorized developer to easily define application data sets and to compare and copy the data similar to the way managed objects have been copied and compared for many years.

Application Data Sets:

The two main components in data sets are the Data Set Designer used to define the structure of the data set and the Data Migration Workbench, used to define the data migration project content and to orchestrate copy and compare. Data Migration Workbench shows the current status of a project and prevents inconsistent actions. Once you have defined the data migration project, you can copy the data to a file that can later be compared or copied from file on another PeopleSoft database.

The Data Migration Workbench uses a Project Repository as a place in the file system where project files can be copied to and from. The Project Repository is defined in the data base as a repository name, an associated file path, and one or more areas (sub folders) that can contain project files. The purpose of Project Repository is to avoid manually copying project files from one system to another by promoting common definition of shared file locations and providing better security for administrative control of the places that project files can be copied to.

Image: Data Set Components

This diagram illustrates the main components for Data Sets: Data Set Definition and Data Migration Workbench

Data Set Components