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Comparing Data Set Projects

The compare is always executed from the target database. First you must load the data migration project file and then execute the compare.

To load a project from file:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Lifecycle Tools, Data Migration Workbench

  2. Click the Load Project from File link.

  3. Select the file location and area.

  4. Click Add.

Note: The data set definition must exist on the target database before you can load the project. Only the project definition and data set bindings are copied, no data content is copied.


Use the Compare button on the Project Definition page to compare a project from a file.

To compare a data migration project:

  1. On the target database, select select PeopleTools , then select Lifecycle Tools, then select Migrate Data, then select Data Migration Workbench

  2. Click the Compare button.

  3. Select the languages to compare.

  4. Click the Run button.

  5. Click OK.

    The process will be scheduled to run in the Process Scheduler.

  6. Click OK again to return to the Project Definition page.

  7. Click the Refresh icon on the Project Definition page to see the new status for the project.

Image: Project Definition with project state Compare from File succeeded

This example illustrates the Project Definition page with Project State: Compare from file succeeded

Project Definition page show the Compare from File succeeded

The compare reports will be available on the Compare Reports tab. If there are validation issues on the compare, the Validation Report tab will show the validation report.