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Defining Data Migration Project

Use the Project Definition page (PTADSDMWPRJDEFN) to define the data migration project.

Image: Project Definition page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Project Definition page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Project Definition page

Enter a description for the project. The description should include information about the project.


Optionally you can add comments to the project.

Project State

Display only field that shows the current state of the project. You can use the Refresh button to obtain the most recent state.

Progress state on the source will show:

  • New project

  • Created

  • Scheduled for copy to file

  • Copying to file

  • Copy to file succeeded

Progress state on the target will show:

  • Loaded from file

  • Scheduled for file compare

  • Comparing from file

  • Copying from file

  • Compare from file succeeded

  • Scheduled for copy from file

  • Copy from file succeeded

Validation errors, if any, are also shown.


Display only field that shows the progress of the project copy or compare.

Data Set Name

Select one or more existing data sets from the lookup. Look up will show all the existing data sets that have Is Copyable selected in the data set definition.

Content Description

This is description associated with the data set content.


Use this link to search for a data set that was generated based on a component, using PeopleSoft folder navigation.

Add a new row (+)

Click to add another data set to the project.

Delete a row (-)

Click to delete a data set from the project.

Note: Data Migration projects are not shown in Application Designer project search and cannot be opened in Application Designer.