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Preparing Projects for an Upgrade

This section provides an overview and discusses how to:

Understanding Upgrade Projects

Before you can copy definitions from one database to another, you must insert them into a PeopleSoft Application Designer project. If you have a custom application, identify which definitions must be copied from the source into the target database. When you know which definitions you want to upgrade, specify and insert the definitions into the project.

However, when you are unfamiliar with one of the databases, you might want to populate a project by comparison—for example, when you upgrade to a new PeopleSoft application release. When you populate a project by comparison, the system compares the source and target databases and automatically populates the project with definitions that are defined differently in the two databases.

Populating Projects

To populate projects:

  1. Select select Insert, then select Definitions into Project from the PeopleSoft Application Designer menu.

    PeopleSoft Application Designer designates certain definition types as related to a parent or controlling definition type. For example, a record's related definitions can include fields, indexes, and subrecords. When you insert definitions into a project for upgrading, it can be important for these related definitions to be included.

  2. Select the definitions and click Insert.

  3. Select select Tools, then select Options.

  4. On the Project tab, review the settings in Related Definitions Options and reset.

Searching for Definitions

To find a definition in the project select select Edit, then select Find from the menu. This opens the Find dialog box where you can perform a search for a text string in an upgrade definition window.

Printing All Definitions in a Project

You can print a project definition for all of the definition types in the current project. This differs from the Print menu item, which prints only the currently selected definition type that is open in the upgrade grid. The data, however, is the same.

To print a project definition for all definitions in current project, select select File, then select Print Project from the PeopleSoft Application Designer toolbar.

Obtaining Access for Upgrading

To use the PeopleSoft Application Designer upgrade features, you must have full access to projects and upgrade access in the target database.

Also, lock all PeopleSoft Application Designer definitions in the source and target databases before comparing and copying projects. To do this, you need supervisor-level access to Change Control (in the Tools menu). If your Change Control administrator performs this action for you, the administrator's user ID is the only one that is allowed to perform the copy while the target definitions are locked.