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Populating Performance Monitor Lookup Tables

On many of the pages that are used for viewing performance information, such as the Current PMUs page, you are prompted to enter either a user ID, a component name, or a performance trace name to narrow the search to relevant performance data. Unless you are self-monitoring, the monitored system components and User IDs differ from those of the monitoring system. Therefore, the performance monitor provides its own lookup tables, and the PSPM_LOOKUP PeopleSoft Application Engine program populates these lookup tables.

To run the lookup program:

  1. Select select PeopleTools, then select Performance Monitor, then select Administration, then select Schedule Lookup Maintenance.

  2. Select or enter a run control ID.

  3. On the Schedule Lookup page, click Run to launch the lookup program.

Note: You should set up a recurrence definition in Process Scheduler so that the lookup program runs at regular intervals.