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Scheduling the Reaper Program

The reaper program is a delivered PeopleSoft Application Engine program named PSPM_REAPER. The reaper program maintains the PeopleTools tables that the Performance Monitor uses to store performance data for current, real-time processing.

When the PSPPMSRV gets notified that a PMU has finished (it receives a STOP for an open PMU), it:

When the reaper program (PSPM_REAPER) runs, it:

To run the reaper program:

  1. Select select PeopleTools, then select Performance Monitor, then select Administration, then select Schedule Reaper.

  2. Select or add a run control ID.

  3. Click Run.

PeopleTools delivers a recurrence definition named PerfMon Reaper Recurrence, which is set to run every 15 minutes. Modify this recurrence definition, if necessary, and associate it with the PSPM_REAPER program to schedule the program to run at suitable intervals.

Warning! If you do not schedule the reaper program to run often enough, the PSPMTRANSCURR table will grow very large over time, and it may contain many old, open PMUs.