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Understanding Change Impacts

In the course of customizations and upgrades, changes are made to, among other elements, application menus, components, pages, records, and fields. Tests that were developed prior to these changes may fail when executed against the new application. For instance, if a field is deleted, moved to another page, or renamed, any step that references that field will fail. Test developers must identify and update every step in each test that is affected by the change.

One way to identify the effects on tests is to run each test against the new application and note where the test fails. This manual process is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. It also fails to identify those areas in the new application that are not covered by existing tests.

Because PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) test assets are PeopleTools metadata and because PTF tests incorporate references to PeopleTools metadata—that is, menus, components, pages, records, and fields—PTF is able to automate the process of correlating metadata changes with existing tests.

PTF delivers two tools that help test developers to determine the effect of changes: