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Using the Message Tool

This section discusses how to use the Message tool.

As you modify a test, you will often need to use the Message tool to capture details for a browser object. You can then use these details to modify a test step.

Select select Tools, then select Message to open the Message tool.

Click and drag the Object Properties icon and hover over a browser object to view details about that object in the Message window.

Image: Message Tool ID Values

This example illustrates Message tool ID values.

Message Tool ID Values

To copy and paste recognition information from the application browser to the PTF Test Editor, drag and drop the Object Properties icon onto a browser object. Object recognition details appear in the Message tool. Double-click the name in the Message tool to copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste the information into the Recognition field of a test step. To automatically copy each selection to the clipboard, select select Menu, then select Auto Copy to Clipboard.

You can also use the Message tool to monitor test execution. The Message tool displays types, actions, IDs, and values for each step of a PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) test as the test executes.

HTML Browser

To view additional details about a browser object, access the Message tool and select select Menu, then select HTML Browser, then select Show. This example shows the HTML Browser Object Properties window:

Image: Example of the HTML Browser

This example illustrates the HTML Browser Object Properties window.

Example of the HTML Browser

The HTML Browser Object Properties window displays properties and values of HTML objects as you hover over them using the Object Properties icon. Double-click a line in the HTML Browser window to copy the text to the clipboard.

Capturing index for non-unique objects using the HTML Browser

For certain objects that do not have enough of a unique indentifier property, you can use the HTML Broswer to capure the index during recording. An example of this would be leaves on a tree structure. To capture the index:

  1. In PTF Client, select Tools > Message to open the Message tool.

  2. Start your recording.

  3. Open the tree to the desired location.

  4. Click the Object Properties icon in the Message Toolbar and drag it to the leaf image on the tree.

  5. Access the Message tool and select Menu > HTML Browser > Show.

  6. Right-click on the nameProp in the Object Properties window and select Get Index for.

  7. The index will be added to the object Properties.

Image: Object properties Dialog Box

This example illustrates the Object properties Dialog Box displaying the properties for a leaf on a tree. To get the index, you will select Get Index For...

Object Properties Dialog Box