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Understanding Personalizations

PeopleSoft software offers a variety of options that enable end users, especially power users, to complete business transactions in a more efficient manner. These options improve a user's navigation speed through the system and enable users to select international preferences, such as date and time formats. You select, customize, and define personalizations using the Personalization pages.

To access the Personalization pages, select PeopleTools, Personalization.

Personalizations are grouped in three levels of categories to aid in development, organization, and deployment:

After you have selected the personalizations for your site, you assign them to a user or role, using the Personalizations page of the permission lists component in PeopleTools Security. The Personalizations page enables the security administrator to assign role-based personalizations and enable user control for selected personalization options, if needed.

End users can view and modify their available personalization options from the My Personalization component (USER_SELF_PERSONAL).

The following sections provide more details on defining, customizing, and deploying PeopleSoft personalizations.