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Enabling Kerberos Authentication in Internet Explorer

To enable Kerberos authentication in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and select select Tools, then select Internet Options. Then, select the Security tab.

  2. In the zones display, select Local intranet and then, click the Sites button.

  3. Select the check boxes that apply to the PeopleSoft site.

  4. If these settings do not meet your needs, then click the Advanced button and add the site specifically. After you add the site, click the Closebutton.

  5. On the Local Intranet dialog box, click the OK button.

  6. On the Internet Options dialog box, select the Advanced tab. Then, scroll down to the Security settings. Select the Enable Integrated Windows Authentication check box.

  7. Click the OK button and then, restart the browser so that the settings take effect.