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Tracking User Sign In and Sign Out Activity

Access the Access Log Queries page (select select PeopleTools, then select Security, then select Common Queries and click the Access Log Queries link on the Review Security Information page).

Image: Access Log Queries page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Access Log Queries page.

Access Log Queries page

PeopleSoft Security provides three audit logs that track user sign in and sign out activity in PeopleSoft applications..

Select one of the following logs:

These logs are generated using data from the PSACCESSLOG table. If you are not interested monitoring access activity, you can delete the PSACCESSLOG table. Deleting this table has no negative effect.

Note: If you delete the PSACCESSLOG table and then decide that you would like to track user sign in and sign out activity, you must recreate the table using the same exact column names and order as were in the previous PSACCESSLOG table: OPRID, LOGIPADDRESS, LOGINDTTM, LOGOUTDTTM. Use Application Designer to open the PSACCESSLOG record definition and create the table.