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Working with Categories

Categories are the way that you group and present personalization options to your end users. For example, for the Navigation option category, the end user sees the description (Navigation Personalizations) on the My Personalizations page. When the end user clicks the adjacent Personalize Options button, they access the options you have grouped in the Navigation category.

Access the Category page (select PeopleTools, then select Personalization, then select Categories).

Image: Category page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Category page.

Category page
Option Category

Shows the name of the category in which options are displayed on the My Personalizations page.

Object owner identifier

Displays the name of the group responsible for the maintenance of the category group.


Provides a description of the category for identification purposes. This field has a 30-character limit.

Important! This is the text that appears on the My Personalization page. If you add custom categories make sure the text is meaningful for end users.