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Setup Manager Overview

Setup Manager is a tool that helps you implement PeopleSoft applications by using a project and predefined tasks to produce a setup task list that is specific to your implementation project.

The setup task list identifies the setup tasks required to support your specific implementation and presents those tasks in the sequence in which they must be completed. The list contains the related navigation path to the setup component and provides a direct link to that setup component. For each task, the system identifies a suggested load method and provides links to PeopleBook documentation so that you can view documentation for the associated setup component.

Implementation Project Management

An implementation project is a list of the features that you have selected to implement. It is organized either by business process or by product suite and product. Setup Manager enables you to alternate between views to refine the effect of one selection method upon the other.

As you create your implementation projects, you see that the information presented on the pages is specific to your installed PeopleSoft products. When you select a particular product to implement, the list of features that appears is specific to that product. This helps guide you through the selection process and enables you to create an implementation project that is tailored to your licensed and installed PeopleSoft applications.

Setup Task List Generation

The Setup Manager feature enables you to generate a step-by-step list of tasks that are necessary for you to successfully set up your PeopleSoft system. An Application Engine process produces a sequenced list of tasks that must be completed to support the features that you are implementing.

Setup Tasks

After you've generated the list of setup tasks, you use the list to guide you through the implementation process. The setup list pages display an ordered list of tasks to be completed and links to associated PeopleBooks that contain setup information.