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Setup Manager Setup

Several activities must be completed before you use the setup task list that will guide you through the implementation of your PeopleSoft applications.

Additionally, you must ensure that a Process Scheduler server is configured and running on the database that you are working on so that the Application Engine processes can be run.

You can use Setup Manager with the PeopleSoft products for which you are licensed (and which have been installed on the database). Setup Manager resides in one database and enables you to perform the implementation in only that database.

Setup Manager supports the implementation of one or more products within a single PeopleSoft database. If your implementation requires multiple PeopleSoft databases, you use one setup task list for each database.

Enabling PeopleBooks Help

PeopleBooks are the documentation delivered with every PeopleSoft application. The Setup Manager provides a link to PeopleBooks for each setup task identified by Setup Manager in your setup task list. This link accesses the section in the applicable PeopleBook that explains the fields and pages of the setup components with which you are working.

To view the documentation from Setup Manager, you must install and configure PeopleBooks so that you can deploy the PeopleSoft documentation at your site. You can install PeopleBooks to a dedicated web server machine or to a separate web server machine. Regardless of where you install PeopleBooks, you must first install the web server software.