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Configuring Dynamic Reloading of the Application Server Connection String

The DynamicConfigReload property enables the PIA domain to reload the psserver string (application server connect string) dynamically. That is, after modifying the psserver string to include new servers, replace existing servers, or remove existing servers from the string, you do not need to restart the PIA domain. With DynamicConfigReload enabled, the system automatically detects when the psserver string has been updated and ensures the PeopleSoft site maintains seamless connections with the application server domains listed in the psserver string.

To enable dynamic psserver reloading, set DynamicConfigReload to 1. For example:


To disable dynamic psserver reloading, set the property to 0.

If dynamic psserver reloading is disabled, then you need to restart the PIA domain manually for it to recognize any changes made to the psserver string.