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Database Options

Use the Database Options section to specify environment variables that may improve the performance of the system. These options do not apply to every database.


Enter a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) packet size. The minimum value is 512 and the maximum value is 65538. The default packet size is 512. If you change the packet size, make the corresponding changes to the Sybase database server.

See Your Sybase documentation.


(Applies only to Oracle databases.). Use this option to enable processes to initiate a local connection to a PeopleSoft database that is running on the same machine. You should use this option for all PeopleSoft Process Scheduler (batch) and application server configurations that are local (on the same server) to the PeopleSoft Oracle instance. This type of connection enables processing to complete significantly quicker.

Enter 1 to enable this option, and enter 0 to disable it.

Note: Using the local Oracle connection disables the Query Kill function.

Note: On Microsoft Windows, UseLocalOracleDB is not supported when using a 32-bit client connecting to a 64-bit database.


Required for database-level auditing. How this works varies slightly, depending on the database platform. Use this option to view more information regarding the clients that are connected to a database server through the application server. For instance, with this enabled, you can view the client machine name or user ID that is associated with a particular connection. Without this option enabled, all connections appear somewhat anonymously, as in PSFT or APPSERV.

The default value is 1 (enabled). Enter0 to disable it.

Note: This parameter isn't supported for Informix or DB2 LUW.

PSDB Maximum Cursors

Enables you to configure the maximum number of cursors opened at one time. In general, the maximum number of cursors that can be open at one time within PeopleTools is 64,000. However, some database platforms place greater restrictions on the number of cursors that can be open at one time. By default, if no value is provided, the system allows a maximum of 1024 cursors.

To increase or decrease the default value, assign your custom value to this parameter. The value you set should be determined on multiple factors including:

  • Any predefined limits imposed by your database platform.

  • Internal testing of your PeopleSoft application(s).

Always refer to your database documentation for the latest recommendations related to maximum cursors settings. The following information can be used as a guideline.


Maximum Cursors Limit


No predefined limit.


Limited only by available storage.


Limited only by available storage.

Microsoft SQL Server

No predefined limit.


No predefined limit.


No predefined limit, but SQL statement length limited to 64 KB.

Note: When running Application Engine programs or Data Mover scripts you may see the following message in your log files:

Initializing PSDB maximum cursor = 1024

This is an informational message, not an error.