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The PSQCKSRV is an optional server process to improve performance. Essentially, the PSQCKSRV, or quick server, is a copy of the PSAPPSRV. It performs quick requests, such as nontransactional (read-only) SQL requests. The PSQCKSRV improves overall performance by enabling the PSAPPSRV process to direct a portion of its workload to PSQCKSRV.

Min Instances

Enter how many servers are started at boot time. This translates to the PSQCKSRV server's –m (min) parameter in the UBB file.

Max Instances

Enter the maximum number of servers that can be started. This translates to the PSQCKSRV server's –M (Max) parameter in the UBB file.

Service Timeout

Enter the number of seconds that a PSQCKSRV waits for a request before timing out. This stops runaway processes, like an rccbl timeout. This applies to incremental PSQCKSRV servers that are dynamically started by the Max Instances parameter.

Recycle Count

Use the PSAPPSRV specifications.

Allowed Consec Service Failures

Enter a number greater than zero to enable dynamic server process restarts for service failures. To disable this option, enter 0. The default is 2. The value that you enter is the number of consecutive service failures that will cause a recycle of the server process. This is a catchall error handling routine that enables PSAPPSRV, PSQCKSRV, and PSAMSRV to terminate themselves if they receive multiple, consecutive, fatal error messages from service routines. Such errors should not occur consecutively, but if they do, the server process must be recycled or cleansed. A retry message appears on the client browser when this occurs.

Max Fetch Size

Use the PSAPPSRV specifications.

Serial Recycle

Use the PSAPPSRV specifications.