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PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Servlets and Applications

PIA is packaged as a J2EE Enterprise Archive and is comprised of a collection of J2EE web applications, commonly referred to as webapps or servlets. For the most part, in the context of PeopleSoft, the term 'servlets' is used. The PeopleSoft servlets are:


PeopleSoft Interaction Hub


Integration gateway


PeopleSoft Environment Management Framework


PeopleSoft Business Interlinks

Note: PeopleSoft Business Interlinks is a deprecated product. These options exist for upgrade compatibility and transition.

In addition, these servlets are added when you install PIA on a WebLogic server machine. These elements are not part of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Archive, but instead are defined individually.


Reverse Proxy Server – Proxy to a single content server per URL. Each URL can provide unique content.


Reverse Proxy Server – Proxy to multiple WebLogic servers. All content servers provide access to the same content for load balancing.


Administrative console for WebLogic Server.