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Select Server Process Options

After you enter all of the previous parameter values for the domain, PSADMIN prompts you for the following server process options. You can use these prompts to reduce the number of server processes that start when the domain boots. This, in turn, makes your configuration simpler while conserving system resources.

For instance, if you enter n for any of the following prompts, the corresponding server process (or a set of server processes) is not configured for the domain. If you enter n to all of the prompts, the domain will contain only the minimum required server processes.

Note: You can also enable and disable server processes using the Quick Configure Menu.

Do you want the Publish/Subscribe servers configured?

If you want the messaging server processes to be configured and booted, enter y. If you are not implementing the Integration Broker technology for a domain, entern.

Note: In addition to setting this option, in Integration Broker you must also activate the domain on which the pub/sub server resides before you can use the pub/sub system.

See PeopleSoft Integration Broker Administration.

Move quick PSAPPSRV services into a second server (PSQCKSRV)?

Enter n if very few clients access the domain and concurrency is not an issue. Enter y to enable the PSQCKSRV in situations where concurrency and optimal transaction throughput are needed.

Move long-running queries into a second server (PSQRYSRV)?

If you want all user-generated queries to be initiated by PSQuery and handled by a dedicated server process, enable this option to improve overall performance.

Do you want JOLT configured?

The Jolt listener is required to support the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture by enabling transmission between the web server and the application server.

Do you want JRAD configured?

JRAD applies to specific configurations only. Accept the default unless you are attempting to configure JRAD for use with the Jolt internet relay.

Do you want WSL Configured?

Configures the Workstation Listener for Development Environment (Windows) workstation connections.

Do you want to enable PeopleCode Debugging (PSDBGSRV)?

Enter y to debug PeopleCode programs with the current domain.

Do you want Event Notification configured (PSRENSRV)?

Select Y to start the PSRENSRV servers.

See PSRENSRV Options.

Do you want MCF Servers configured?

Select Y to start the Multi Channel Framework servers.

See PeopleSoft MultiChannel Framework.

Do you want Performance Collators configured?

If the domain is servicing a Performance Monitor database, select Y to start the PSPPMSRV servers.

See PSPPMSRV Options.

Do you want Analytic Servers configured?

Configures analytic servers to run in the domain to process Analytic Calculation Engine requests and to perform optimization processing.

Do you want Domains Gateway configured?

Enable this option of you are configuring a remote , or external, search server to which this domain will send search requests. That is, if you are configuring a Type-3 search option for an application server domain, you need to enable the domains gateway on the application server domain to a communication connection between the application server and its remote search domain.