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Understanding Environment Replication

Environment Replication involves taking a working, well-tested server elements, and copying the PeopleTools binary and configuration files to a new location to create a new environment that required only making minor modifications to the new configurations.

The server elements that can be replicated appear in the following:

Server Element


PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

A web server environment consists of one or more site directories under the PIA_HOME\webserv directory within a singlePIA_HOME location. Each directory contains configurations that point to a single application server domain through a JSL port designation. Although a site may point to more than one redundant application server machine name for failover or load balancing purposes, each machine name is given a unique JSL port number. AdditionalPIA_HOME directory locations on the same web server machine are considered separate environments.

application server domains

A single application server environment consists of one or more domain directories under the \appserv directory within a single PS_CFG_HOME location. Each domain contains configuration settings that point to a single database. Multiple domains can be configured to point to the same database for failover or load balancing. Each domain has its own server processes and must be configured to have unique WSL and JSL port numbers.

Process Scheduler domains

A single Process Scheduler Environment consists of one or more domain directories under the \appserv\prcs directory within a single PS_CFG_HOME location. Each database that needs to schedule processes must have its own Process Scheduler server configured separately. The configuration files are kept in their own directory location under the \prcs directory.

Important! When you configure and run an Environment Management agent, hub, or viewer, files associated with that Environment Management Framework are created and updated with information that refers to the absolute directory structure of your PeopleSoft system. When you replicate your installed environment, the information in those files is no longer valid for the new location. You must reconfigure the Environment Management Framework to recognize the environment changes.