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Understanding PSADMIN Menus

You use PSADMIN to manage all of the main PeopleSoft server types. After launching PS_HOME\appserv\psadmin.exe from the command line, the PeopleSoft Server Administration (PSADMIN) main menu appears.

PeopleSoft Server Administration

  Config Home:  D:\PT_SERVER\8.52

  1) Application Server
  2) Process Scheduler
  3) Search Server
  4) Web (PIA) Server
  5) Switch Config Home
  6) Service Setup
  7) Replicate Config Home
  q) Quit

Command to execute (1-7, q):
Config Home

Displays the PS_CFG_HOME the current PSADMIN session. If it is not the PS_CFG_HOME desired, use the Switch Config Home option to select the appropriate location.

Application Server

Select to manager your application server domains.

Process Scheduler

Select to manager your Process Scheduler domains.

Search Server

Select to manager your Verity—based search server domains.

Note: This menu applies only to the Verity-based search servers. It does not apply to any PeopleSoft Search Framework components.

Switch Config Home

Select to switch to an alternative PS_CFG_HOME location. Determine the current PS_CFG_HOME from the Config Home value displayed.

Service Setup

(Applies to Microsoft Windows only). Select to configure domains to start using Windows Services.

Replicate Config Home

Select to replicate configured PS_CFG_HOME locations so that you can share these pre-created, tuned, and configured server configurations on the local server or on remote servers.