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Setting Application Server Domain Parameters

This topic describes all of the configuration options that are related to an application server domain. Generally, the documentation reflects the order in which the configuration sections appear in the PSADMIN interface or the PSAPPSRV.CFG file.

This topic discusses:

Note: As a configuration option, you can configure a domain to spawn server processes according to the volume of transaction requests. There is no explicit parameter that you must set to enable spawning. In the following configuration section descriptions, some servers enable you to specify a minimum and maximum number of server processes. To enable spawning for these server processes, the maximum value must exceed the minimum value by an increment of at least one. As needed, the domain spawns server processes up to the maximum value. As the volume of transactions decreases, the number of spawned server processes decreases, or decays, until the minimum value is reached. By default, spawning isdisabled.