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Changing WebLogic User Passwords

The WebLogic domain built by the PIA install includes the following WebLogic IDs:

It ishighly recommended to change the passwords for all of these user IDs on any production servers. You set the system password during the installation of the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture domain.

To change the passwords:

  1. Start the PIA server.

    See Starting WebLogic.

    See Stopping WebLogic.

  2. Log in to the Administrative Console.

  3. Change a WebLogic Server user's password.

    1. In the Domain Structure tree, click Security Realms.

    2. In the Realms table, click myrealm.

    3. Select the Users and Groups tab.

    4. In the table of available users, click system.

    5. Select the Passwords tab.

    6. Enter and re-enter a new password for this user.

    7. Click Save.

  4. With the system user ID, modify the file with the new values:

    1. Open PIA_HOME\webserv\<domainname>\servers\PIA\security\

    2. Remove the previous, encrypted system value, and enter the new value in clear text.

      For example,

      #Tue Mar 31 12:09:14 PDT 2009
    3. Save the file.

    4. Reboot the server, and test the login.

      Note: Rebooting the server should encrypt the clear text value you entered.

Note: When you run WebLogic as a Windows service, WebLogic uses the default ID of operator and password of password. Changing the password for the WebLogic ID that runs the Windows service requires an additional manual step of updating the setEnv.cmd, located inPIA_HOME\webserv\peoplesoft\bin. Set the WLS_PW environment variable to reflect the new password. Then, reinstall the Windows service by running the installNTservice command file located inPIA_HOME\webserv\peoplesoft\bin.

Note: If you use PSADMIN to manage a PIA domain, make sure to update the setEnv.cmd to reflect any password updates.