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Configuring Developer Workstations

Select the Client Setup tab.

As part of the PeopleSoft installation process, you need to configure developer workstations (also called the PeopleTools development environment) to run successfully with your PeopleSoft system. You use developer workstations for development and administrative tasks that require the use of a Windows workstation. Such tasks include, updating record definitions with Application Designer and running scripts using Data Mover. Development workstations can access the PeopleSoft system using both two-tier and three-tier connections.

Use the Client Setup tab to configure developer workstations and invoke the Client Setup process. Although this tab is specifically for developer settings, all of the PeopleSoft Configuration Manager settings may affect developers, especially the Startup tab and the Process Scheduler tab for the default profile.

See PeopleTools Hardware and Software Requirements

Shortcut Links

Here are the various shortcut links:

Application Designer

Adds a shortcut for the main PeopleTools development environment.

Configuration Manager

Adds a shortcut for PeopleSoft Configuration Manager, which enables you to edit registry settings relevant to PeopleSoft.

Data Mover

Adds a shortcut to launch PeopleSoft Data Mover.

Uninstall Workstation

Adds a shortcut for Uninstall Workstation, which uninstalls the most recent client setup.

PeopleTools RPT Converter

Adds a shortcut to a standalone program that converts RPT files from the format PeopleSoft used in previous releases to the currently supported Crystal format. You only need to run this program if you are upgrading from previous versions of PeopleTools.


Adds a menu item for PS/nVision to the PeopleSoft 8 menu group in the Microsoft Windows Start menu.

Note: Back up RPT files before you run the converter program, which significantly alters them.

Install Workstation

Select the Install Workstation check box to run the Client Setup process. Only select the check box after specifying all the appropriate selections on all PeopleSoft Configuration Manager tabs. If you do not select this box, the Client Setup process will not run.

After you select this check box, click either OK orApply.

Enable Dirty-Read for 2Tier Query

(Applies only to DB2 systems.) Select this option if you need to run "dirty read" queries, through PeopleSoft Query during a two-tier connection.

See PeopleSoft Query.