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Configuring JRAD

The JRLY connect port connects to the JRAD listener port that is specified on the application server machine. JRAD then routes the message to Jolt, either using the JSL for initial connection from a web client, or using the JSH for all subsequent connections from a web client. The return message follows the same path in reverse.

To configure JRAD:

  1. Launch the PSADMIN utility.

  2. Navigate to the PeopleSoft Domain Administration menu and select Configure this domain.

  3. In the Quick Configure menu, select the number for the Jolt Relay option, to enable Jolt Internet Relay.

  4. Select the JRAD Port option, and enter the appropriate port number for the JRAD Port.

    Note: The JRAD (listener) port number must match the JRLY connect port that you previously configured.