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Configuring the Application Server to Handle Cache Files and Replay Files

When an application server instance crashes, cache files and replay files are generated automatically. Over time, the size of these files can consume a large amount of disk space if there are recurring crashes in a domain. To minimize the buildup of cache files and replay files, you can modify the psappsrv.cfg file based on the following rules:

If DumpManagerObjectsAtCrash is set to Y, the summary for each managed object type follows the list of configured objects that are being dumped as part of the crash information gathering. If a configured object is in use, its name is prefixed with an asterisk.

A sample report for a managed object type follows:

  RDM Definitions: Total=10   Customized=2   In-Use=1 

Note: The asterisk that precedes the object name indicates that this object is being used by the current service request.