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Enabling HTTP Access Log

This section describes how to change HTTP logging for a single server configuration of PIA. When in production, a multi server configuration would be used to perform these steps to your managed server instance of PIA or PIA1, PIA 2, and so on.

To enable or disable HTTP access log:

  1. Make sure the PIA server is running.

    See Starting WebLogic.

    See Stopping WebLogic.

  2. Log on to the Administrative Console.

  3. Open Server's Logging configuration page.

    1. In the Domain Structure tree, expand Environment, and clickServers.

    2. Click PIA (or your custom server name) in the Servers list.

    3. Select the Logging tab, and select the HTTP tab.

  4. Enable HTTP access logging.

    1. Click the Lock&Edit button.

    2. Select the HTTP access log file enabled check box to turn on the access.log.

    3. Modify the Log file name field if desired.

    4. Click Save andActivate Changes.

  5. Restart the WebLogic Server.