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Enabling or Disabling HTTP Keep Alive

This section describes how to change HTTP Keep-Alive settings for a single server configuration of PIA. When in production, a multi server configuration would be used to perform these steps to your managed server instance of PIA, PIA1, PIA 2, and so on.

Keep-Alive, or more accurately termed "Persistent Connections" is a default feature of HTTP. Keep-Alive allows for the client (generally a web browser) and the web server to maintain open connections between requests for specified period of time. That time period is generally less then 60 seconds. The benefit of a persistent connection is that the client and the server do not need to perform the overhead of opening a new connection with every single request.

Enabling Keep-Alive is generally recommended, but in some situations it may introduce problems. Sporadic "The Page cannot be displayed" errors, for example, can be the result of a problem with Keep-Alive. In situations where Keep-Alive issues are suspected, disabling the web server Keep-Alive and performing tests will help to determine if the problem is indeed related to connection persistence.

To enable or disable Keep-Alive:

  1. Start the PIA server.

    See Starting WebLogic.

    See Stopping WebLogic.

  2. Log on to the Administrative Console.

  3. Navigate to the server's HTTP settings page.

    1. In the Domain Structure tree, click Environments.

    2. Click the PIA server (or your custom named PeopleSoft server) from the window on the right.

    3. Click the Protocols tab.

    4. Click the HTTP tab.

  4. Change the Keep-Alive settings.

    • To disable Keep-Alive: Deselect Enable Keepalives and clickSave. With Keep-Alive disabled,Duration andHTTPS Duration are not used.

    • To enable Keep-Alive: Select Enable Keepalives and update Duration and HTTPS Duration values as needed for your system.

    Click Save andActivate Changes.

  5. Restart WebLogic Server.