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Implementation Options

Once you have the basic PeopleSoft Internet Architecture elements configured, you can elect to incorporate additional PeopleTools technology to run within that architectural foundation, including:




Oracle PeopleTools provides a variety of portal options ranging from the base portal technology provided by PeopleTools, to PeopleSoft Interaction Hub and Portal Pack solutions. These portal solutions enable you to provide simple end user navigation, aggregate web-based content, share content with other portals, and more.

See PeopleTools 8.52 PeopleBook: PeopleTools Portal Technologies

See PeopleSoft Interaction Hub PeopleBooks

See Your PeopleSoft application portal pack documentation

Integration Broker

Integration Broker provides a service oriented architecture (SOA) for exposing PeopleSoft business logic as services and consuming external web services for PeopleSoft applications to invoke. Integration Broker supports synchronous and asynchronous messaging with other PeopleSoft applications and with third-party systems.

See PeopleTools 8.52 PeopleBook: Integration Broker

Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor enables you to capture and store detailed performance information for any transaction occurring within your PeopleSoft implementation. You can monitor performance in real-time as well as analyze stored, historical data to help identify trends and problem areas.

See PeopleTools 8.52 PeopleBook: Performance Monitor

MultiChannel Framework

MultiChannel Framework delivers an integrated infrastructure to support multiple interaction channels for call center agents or other PeopleSoft users who must respond to incoming requests and notifications on these channels. MultiChannel Framework supports voice, email, web-based chat, instant messaging, and generic event channels.

See PeopleTools 8.52 PeopleBook: MultiChannel Framework

Analytic Calculation Engine

Analytic Calculation Engine enables application developers to define both the calculation rules and the display of calculated data within PeopleSoft applications for the purposes of multidimensional reporting, data editing, and analysis.

See PeopleTools 8.52 PeopleBook: Analytic Calculation Engine

Search server

Configuring a search server enables you to off-load Verity search processing onto a remote server, rather than configuring search capabilities per domain. In this configuration, Tuxedo routes search requests from application server domains to the search domain running on the remote search server. Multiple application server domains may use the same search server to execute search requests.

See Configuring Verity Search Options.