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Importing and Exporting Environment Settings

Select the Import/Export tab.

Use this tab to export, or save to file, the specified environment settings, and to import previously exported settings. This feature is useful when you plan to configure multiple workstations with similar settings.

Export to a File

Click to write current configuration settings to a file. A Save dialog box appears. Note the file name that you give the configuration file.

Note: Click Apply before you export a file. This ensures that the exported configuration file reflects the current settings.

Import from a File

Click to import previously saved configurations on another workstation. Importing a configuration file overrides all the current environment settings on the machine that you import to.

When you click this button, an Open dialog box appears. Navigate to the directory containing the appropriate configuration file, select the file, and clickOpen.

Warning! In addition to overwriting environment settings, this function also overwrites all existing settings made in Application Designer.