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Managing a Secure PS_HOME on UNIX

When deploying a secured PS_HOME environment on UNIX, keep the items in this section in mind.

Working with User Accounts

The user account that boots the domain must be the same user who configures the domain. This is a Tuxedo requirement, not a PeopleTools requirement. This means that the user account under which the domain processes will run must have read-write access to the domain directory.

The owner of the domain processes is the user account who starts the domain. This is different from Microsoft Windows, where the domain processes are booted by the account that starts the Oracle ProcMGR service. If you use both Windows and UNIX servers to deploy PeopleSoft, keep this subtle distinction in mind between the two operating systems.

Configuring Partial PS_HOME Access

In some cases, user accounts may need to access specific parts of the PS_HOME directory tree. This is recommended through the addition of a “hybrid” user to the same group to which the “InstallAdmin” account (the user who installed PeopleTools) belongs. The InstallAdmin can then choose to allow group access to the specific parts of the PS_HOME directory tree to which the hybrid user is permitted read-write access.

For example, consider a scenario where you have installed PeopleTools at your site, but have hired a consultant to help with various implementation tasks. The InstallAdmin only wants to allow the consultant access to specific parts of the PS_HOME directory tree. The account that the consultant uses is therefore a hybrid account. It is has read-write access to PS_HOME, but only to the specific subdirectories deemed necessary.

To achieve this hybrid privilege model, allow group access to those specific directories under PS_HOME to which the consultant requires write access.