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PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server

The PeopleSoft Process Scheduler environment can also be thought of as the "batch" environment. It is the location where many of your batch programs, such as Application Engine programs, run, and in most situations, this is also where you have COBOL and SQR executables installed.

In a multiserver environment, you can decide where your Process Scheduler environment resides based on available servers and performance requirements. In the PeopleSoft topology, you can install Process Scheduler on a separate server, or it can run on either the application server or the database server.

While you can install PeopleSoft Process Scheduler on any supported application server, database server, or batch server, it's important that you choose a location that’s supported in your PeopleSoft environment, which varies per RDBMS platform. In most database environments, you have at least two options.

You use PSADMIN to configure and administer both the application server and PeopleSoft Process Scheduler server. The PeopleSoft Process Scheduler setup procedure in PSADMIN provides a menu-driven interface to configure PeopleSoft Process Scheduler parameters and administer the Process Scheduler server agent, and it is very similar to the PSADMIN menus for configuring an application server domain.

Even though the application server and PeopleSoft Process Scheduler have PSADMIN as a common interface, take advantage of Tuxedo middleware, and share directories under PS_HOME andPS_CFG_HOME, they are separate entities. For instance, you boot, configure, and shut down the application server and the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler server separately, and the two environments can exist on separate server machines.