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Replicating a Web Server Environment

Use the following steps to replicate the web server environment:

  1. Copy the web server PIA_HOME\webserv directory structure to a new location, whether it is a new machine, or same machine with a new high levelPIA_HOME directory name.

  2. Review the following configuration files to make sure they reflect the new location:

    • piainstall.xml: PS_HOME and host name

    • PS_HOME and path information

    • install location

  3. Run PS_HOME\setup\PsMpPIAInstall\setup.exe or equivalent from the copied/cloned location.

  4. Select Redeploy PeopleSoft Application.

  5. Choose a site name.

  6. Enter the application server name and port information.

Note: Be sure to enter a different JSL port value when replicating on the same machine.