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Search Server Timeouts

The following are the configurable timeout settings for the search server.





Domain Settings / Spawn Threshold


Applies only if spawning is enabled.

This is the rate at which PSSRCHSRV processes will spawn and decay. The spawn ratio is determined by the last two digits. The decay ratio is determined by the first two digits. Using the default value as an example, we see that an extra PSSRCHSRV process will be spawned if there is at least 1 outstanding service request on the request queue for one second or more. This spawning will continue until Max Instances is reached. For the decay rate of 1, 600, if less than 1 service request is on the request queue for ten minutes (600 seconds), a server process is decayed.Note: This value is only relevant if PSSRCHSRV / Max instances > PSSRCHSRV / Min Instances.


PSSRCHSRV / Service Timeout


This parameter indicates the duration in seconds to run a Search service within a Search domain.

300 secs


pssrchsrv.ubx (and then UBBGENned into pssrchsrv.env)

The time period that a domain server process PSSRCHSRV, is allowed to remain in Restarting mode before it is killed by the BBL. This resolves processes hanging during restart. This setting is defaulted in the $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/Search/*.UBX files. If this value needs to changed, you must change the value in the UBX template file and then recreate your domain.

60 secs