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Specifying Command Line Options

In addition to its GUI interface, PeopleSoft Configuration Manager offers command line options. Syntax for PeopleSoft Configuration Manager command line options is as follows:

pscfg -command

For example:

pscfg -import:n:\config\hr900.cfg

Import File

To import configuration settings from a named file, enter -import: filename.

Export File

To export the current configuration settings, enter -export: filename.

Run Client Setup

To run the Client Setup process, enter -setup.

Note: You must use the -setup command in conjunction with the -import command if you are setting up a new workstation.

Run Client Setup Without Displaying Messages

To run the Client Setup process without displaying messages or dialog boxes, enter -quiet.

Note: Output messages are written to a log file called %temp%\PSINSTAL.LOG.

Install MSS DSN

To install MSS DSN, enter -dsn.

Note: For Microsoft SQL Server, the server name value is used to automatically create your ODBC data source name.

Uninstall Workstation

To clear the PeopleSoft settings from the registry or uninstall the PeopleSoft workstation, enter -clean.

The -clean command removes the following items from the workstation:

  • PeopleSoft registry settings.

  • All cache files from the current \CACHE directory.

  • Shortcut links.

  • PeopleSoft program group.

Make sure that removing all of these items is acceptable before issuing the -clean command.


To view PeopleSoft Configuration Manager command-line options online, enter -help or a question mark (?).