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Specifying Crystal Report, Business Interlink, and JDeveloper Settings

Select the Crystal/Bus.Interlink/JDeveloper tab.

Crystal Options

If you have Crystal Reports installed on a workstation, the Crystal executables path is populated automatically. If Crystal Reports is installed on a network drive, use this field to reflect the location of the Crystal Reports executables. For example, you might enter n:\hr920\bin\client\winx86\crystal.

Use the Default Crystal Reports field to specify the default location of reports. If this setting does not apply to your site's Crystal Reports implementation, leave this field blank. Depending on your application installation, keep in mind that you may need to specify your PS_APP_HOME location.

When you select Use Trace during execution, Crystal Reports writes the trace statements to a log file that you specify in theTrace File field.

Business Interlink Driver Options

In the Business Interlink Directory box, enter the complete path to the directory that contains the drivers that PeopleSoft Business Interlinks uses to communicate with external systems.

Note: PeopleSoft Business Interlink is a deprecated product. These options currently exist for upgrade compatibility and transition.

JDeveloper Home Directory

Oracle JDeveloper is used when developing transformations using Oracle XSL Mapper. You need to specify the high-level installation directory as well as the appropriate Classpath string. These settings are discussed in detail in the Integration Broker documentation.