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Using Configuration Templates

The initial values that you see in PSADMIN are derived from the configuration template that you select when you create your domain. The delivered templates provide a range of possible implementations. Each configuration template includes a number of server processes, such as PSAPPSRV, that is sufficient for its intended load.

These are the delivered templates:

Configuration Template

Default PSAPPSRV Server Processes

Example Usage



Use for 1–50 users.



Use for 50–500 users.



Use for 500–1000 users.



Use for development and demonstration environments only.

Note: The usage examples above are sample ranges. Each site must determine the optimal template and number of server processes to suit the types of transactions of a particular user base. The delivered templates provide reasonable starting points for your implementations. You can add additional server processes through PSADMIN or by editing the PSAPPSRV.CFG file. For optimum performance, the number of users per configuration template can vary significantly from application to application.

Note: Oracle does not support creating custom CFX or UBX templates nor modifying delivered CFX or UBX templates.