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Using International Utilities

The following sections cover the utilities that you use in globalization efforts.

This section discusses how to:

Setting International Preferences

Select PeopleTools, Utilities, International, Preferences.

Used to override the language that you select when you sign in to the database.

Language Preference

Use the International Preferences page to temporarily change the session's language preference that was specified during signon. This change lasts until you exit the PeopleSoft session or change the language preference again. Only languages that are enabled on the Languages page are available for selection.

Setting Process Field Size

Select PeopleTools, Utilities, International, Process Field Size.

If you process currency values that require large numbers, such as Italian lira, that require fields longer than those that are included in the standard application, you can use the International Field Size page to expand amount fields throughout the application.

After you create or select a run control ID, set the appropriate lengths for a list of fields, then click the Run button to launch the batch program that performs the field size changes.

Field Name

Use the Browse button to select the field name.

Current Field Size

This is a read-only field indicating the current field size as stored in PSDBFIELDS.

Field Size - International

Enter the field size to expand (or contract) the field size for foreign fields.

Administering Time Zones

This utility is extensively documented in the PeopleTools Global Technology PeopleBook.

Managing Languages

Select PeopleTools, Utilities, International, Languages to access the Manage Installed Languages page.

Image: Manage Installed Languages page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Manage Installed Languages page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Manage Installed Languages page

Use this page as a central utility to manage language information for the currently enabled languages.

Language Code

Use the search prompt to select the PeopleSoft language code from the PSXLATITEM table. The language description appears to the right of the code field.


When you select this check box, PeopleSoft Internet Architecture enables you to log in with the language.

ISO Locale

Use the search prompt to select the ISO locale code from the PSLOCALEDEFN table. Consists of an ISO 639 language code, optionally followed by an ISO 3166 country code.

Default Character Set

Use the search prompt to select the character set from the PSCHARSETS table. Determines the default encoding for input and output files.

Verity Locale Mapping

Select the Verity locale code from the PSVERITYLOCALE table. Determines the locale to use for building search collections and searching data.

Spell Check Language

Select the spell check language from the PSXLATITEM table. This enables you to select the language of the spell check dictionary that is associated with a given language code.

Windows Character Set

Select the Microsoft codepage that is associated with the given language. This defines the codepage to use with certain Microsoft applications.

Verity Character Set

Select the character set that the Verity engine uses for its internal encoding in the given language. You should not modify the value in this field under normal circumstances.