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Using the Quick-Configure Menu

When you create a domain for the first time, PSADMIN presents you with the most commonly changed parameters on the Quick-Configure menu, so that you can get up and running quickly. After the initial setup, you may at any time select Configure this domain on the PeopleSoft Domain Administration menu to access the Quick-Configure menu.

Quick-configure menu -- domain: ORCLDMO1
      Features                      Settings
     ==========                    ==========
  1) Pub/Sub Servers   : Yes   16) DBNAME     :[ORCLDMO1]
  2) Quick Server      : No    17) DBTYPE     :[ORACLE]
  3) Query Servers     : No    18) UserId     :[QEDMO]
  4) Jolt              : Yes   19) UserPswd   :[QEDMO]
  5) Jolt Relay        : No    20) DomainID   :[TESTSERV]
  6) WSL               : No    21) AddToPATH  :[c:\oracle\product\11.1.0\dbhome_
  7) PC Debugger       : Yes   22) ConnectID  :[people]
  8) Event Notification: Yes   23) ConnectPswd:[peop1e]
  9) MCF Servers       : No    24) ServerName :[]
 10) Perf Collator     : No    25) WSL Port   :[7000]
 11) Analytic Servers  : Yes   26) JSL Port   :[9000]
 12) Domains Gateway   : No    27) JRAD Port  :[9100]

 13) Load config as shown
 14) Custom configuration
 15) Edit environment settings
  h) Help for this menu
  q) Return to previous menu

Enter selection (1-27, h, or q):

The Quick-Configure menu shows which features are currently set for the newly created domain. The menu contains the values that are most commonly changed when setting up a demonstration or test domain.

To change the value of a parameter under Features, just enter the number corresponding to the feature to toggle the feature on or off.

To change the value of a parameter under Settings, enter the number corresponding to the setting and enter the new value at the prompt.

Note: All of the values that you change remain in effect until you modify them again.

Note: If you select a Settings parameter, then press Enter without entering a new value at the prompt, the existing value of that parameter is deleted. If you then enter q to quit the Quick-Configure menu, your changes are discarded, and the original values remain. However, if you load the configuration as shown, the parameter is saved without a value.

If the parameter is required, you'll see an error message indicating that the configuration could not be completed. The next time you access the Quick-Configure menu, PSADMIN reloads any empty required parameter with its original default value, just as it would appear if you were creating a new domain.

To configure the rest of the parameters that are not presented on the Quick-Configure menu, select Custom configuration to view the full list.

The Quick-Configure menu is not intended to replace the series of configuration sections in the custom configuration interface. In most cases, your site requires the parameters and tuning options that are available only through the full custom configuration menu. For this reason, the Quick-Configure menu is provided primarily for situations where you're setting up a demonstration domain for testing or for development purposes.

Note: When you use custom configuration, pressing Enter instead of entering a new value for a parameter does not delete the parameter's value. PSADMIN interpretsEnter to mean that you want to retain the parameter's existing value. If you want to remove the value, you can enter one or more "white space" characters by pressing the space bar, or you can enter five underscore characters, and pressENTER.

To apply settings to the configuration files, you must select Load config as shown.

To add and specify environment variables at the domain level, select Edit environment settings.