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Working With Absolute URLs

PeopleSoft Internet Architecture constructs absolute URLs in certain scenarios (such as the Homepage URL to which the user is re-directed after successful login). Certain Load Balancers and proxy servers change the HOST header of the request to the target web server's name before forwarding the request. This causes PeopleSoft to construct the URL with the host-name of the web-server, rather than the name of the Load Balancer or proxy, which means that subsequent requests would be sent directly to the web server, instead of routing requests by way of the Load Balancer or proxy. In order to ensure that URLs can be constructed with the Load Balancer or proxy's host name, the Virtual Addressing page of the Web Profile needs to be set with the Load Balancer or proxy information.

To modify virtual addressing information:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Web Profile, Web Profile Configuration, and open the web profile configured for the site.

  2. Click on the Virtual Addressing tab and populate the Default Addressing section with the Load-Balancer or Proxy's host name, scheme and port.

    Example: Suppose the system has been set up to be accessed through a Load Balancer which has a host-name of and accepts http requests at port 8080. Suppose the PeopleSoft site's name is ps. The URL for accessing the site would be as follows:

    In this case, the Default Addressing section will need to be set with Protocol: http, Port: 8080, and Host:

  3. Save the Web Profile.

  4. Re-start the web server.