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Working with PeopleSoft Server Process Logs

For each PeopleSoft server process, such as PSAPPSRV, the system writes an individual log file to your specified logs directory. Depending on the logging level, these log files can contain varying amounts of information. Reviewing these log files regularly can help you to identify potential issues or system trends, and they are a valuable source of information when troubleshooting. To understand the log information, it is helpful to be able to identify the various log fields that the system writes to an individual line in the log file.

A typical log file contains these log fields:

[Server Process]:[Operating System Process ID] [Service Request Number] [Timestamp] [Log Level] [Message]

The following table provides examples of content for each trace field.

Server Process:PID

Service Request



Log Level






Authenticate User not needed. New User Id/Password same as current.





Recycling server after 1000 services





Cache Directory being used: D:\PT_SERVER\appserv\T1B85301\CACHE\PSAPPSRV_1\





Server started

* Where YYYY = year, MM = month, DD = day, HH = hour, MM = minute, SS = seconds, and sss = milliseconds.

You can select how you prefer to separate the trace fields using the [Domain Settings] LogFieldSeparator setting.