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Working With WebLogic Session Cookies

When a user signs in to a PeopleSoft application, the portal servlet generates a cookie containing the user’s HTTP session ID, and sends it to the user’s browser to maintain the state of the session. The name of the cookie is fixed for all users accessing that portal.

On a WebLogic portal, the session cookie’s name is generated at install time based on the portal hostname and port number, which uniquely identify the portal within your PeopleSoft system. This name is stored in the portal’s weblogic.xml file.

However, the cookie name must not start with a number, and it must not contain any periods. If your users are experiencing problems signing in to PeopleSoft applications at different URLs from the same browser session, make sure that the session cookie names at those sites are valid.

To ensure valid WebLogic session cookie names:

  1. Shut down your WebLogic server.

  2. Open the weblogic.xml file for your web server in a text editor.

    You can find it in PIA_HOME\webserv\domain_name\applications\peoplesoft\PORTAL\WEB-INF.

  3. Check the value of the session parameter called CookieName.

    Ensure that the content of the param-value element doesn’t start with a number or contain any periods. For example, the following session cookie name is invalid:


    You can replace the periods with dashes (-). Following is a valid version of the session cookie name:

  4. Save and close the file.

  5. Restart your WebLogic server.