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Working with the Default PS_CFG_HOME

This section discusses how to:

Locating the Default PS_CFG_HOME

When you launch PSADMIN, if a PS_CFG_HOME does not exist, the system creates the PS_CFG_HOME directory in the “user” directory of the current user (the owner of the domain). The system assumes the presence of the following environment variables:

Operating System

Required Environment Variable





For example, depending on the operating system of the server, the system creates PS_CFG_HOME in the following location on the same drive as PS_HOME.

Operating System

PS_CFG_HOME Location





After you create a domain, the domain exists under $PS_CFG_HOME\appserv\<domain>.

With a user of tsawyer, on UNIX/Linux this would appear as:


With a user of tsawyer, on Windows this would appear as:

C:\Documents and Settings\tsawyer\psft\pt\8.52

Note: The previous examples show a situation in which CRM, HR, CRM_PRCS, HR_PRCS and ver_dom are all domain directories. They are not in PS_CFG_HOME by default, and appear only after the domains are created.

To display the default PS_CFG_HOME location, you can submit the following command to PSADMIN:

psadmin -defaultPS_CFG_HOME

Note: These commands are not case sensitive.

Using PSADMIN with the Default PS_CFG_HOME

Launching PSADMIN requires no extra steps or variables defined when domains exist on the same machine as PS_HOME in the default PS_CFG_HOME location.

When you launch PSADMIN, it will either create (if one doesn’t exist) PS_CFG_HOME or search for PS_CFG_HOME, based on the current environment settings.

To start PSADMIN, the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • PS_CFG_HOME must be a valid location. That is, the base directory must exist (UNIX), or the drive must exist (Windows).

  • The PS_CFG_HOME must be writeable, and the user running PSADMIN must have write access to the PS_CFG_HOME location.