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Configuring Remote Agent Processing

To improve performance and processing time for data intensive steps associated with, for example, data conversion, Build, and Alter scripts during the move to production upgrades, Change Assistant can run these step types through an EMF Agent running on a remote host:

Note: Remote agent processing applies only to upgrades.

In many cases, test runs against the Copy of Production database should provide reliable metrics with which you can determine which processes are candidates for remote processing. If a step appears to require a lot of time to complete, rather than running the process on the Windows workstation where Change Assistant is installed, you can elect to have the processes run on a high-powered server, where a PS_HOME (and thereby an EMF Agent) is also installed. For optimal results using this option, make sure that the EMF Agent resides on the same server machine as the database, or on a high-powered server on the same backbone network.

To configure remote agent processing:

  1. On the Change Assistant Select Action dialog box, select Enable Server Processing beneath Perform Application Upgrade.


  2. On the Change Assistant Options dialog box, set the Remote Agent options.

    The Remote Agent options are available only if you have selected both Perform Application Upgrade mode and Enable Server Processing.

    Host Name

    Name of the server machine where the agent to perform the remote processing is installed.

    Note: Use a fully-qualified machine name.

    Host PS_HOME (Complete Executable Path)

    The complete path to Data Mover (psdmtx) and Application Engine (psae) executeables.

    For example:

    Windows: c:\PT85\bin\client\winx86\

    UNIX: /ds1/pt85/bin/

    Host Output Directory

    Enter the directory in which you want the log files generated by the update process to reside.

    Host SQL Query Executable

    The complete path and filename of the SQL query executable.

    For example:

    Windows: c:\oracle10\bin\sqlplus.exe

    UNIX: /ds1/oracle/bin/sqlplus

    Host Maximum Concurrent Processes

    The maximum number of process that can be executed concurrently on the remote host.

  3. Set the PS_SERVER_CFG environment variable to point to the PSPRCS.CFG file of the user ID starting the agent, using a fully-qualified machine name.

  4. For the steps that you want to run on the remote host through the remote EMF Agent, in the Step Properties dialog, set Run Location to Remote Agent.