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Confirming The PATH Variable

When performing PeopleSoft application upgrades, you make a copy of your production database, and it is the Copy of Production database (not the New Release Demo database) against which you run many of the upgrade tasks. Unless instructed otherwise, any tasks run against the Copy of Production database during Chapter 1 of your PeopleSoft application upgrade need to use the previous installation of PeopleTools, not the new installation of PeopleTools supporting the new PeopleSoft release.


During the tasks in Chapter 1 of the application upgrade, make sure the PATH variable on the machine running Change Assistant references the PS_HOME of your previous PeopleTools installation instead of the PS_HOME of your new PeopleTools installation (OLD_PS_HOME\bin\client\winx86). When starting Chapter 2 of your application upgrade, edit your PATH variable to point to the new PS_HOME (NEW_PS_HOME\bin\client\winx86).